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On August 18, 1993, the U.S. Coast Guard removed the rotating drum lamps from the lantern and replaced them with smaller, more modern rotating beacons. Instead of flashing four beams per rotation, the new beacon flashed two. However, Coast Guard officials said that no one would know the difference because the new light would spin twice as fast as the old ones, thus duplicating the flash sequence. The Coast Guard said that the old rotating drum light had become obsolete and they could no longer get parts to repair it. In this photo taken by Tim Wood for the Cape Cod Chronicle, the old rotating beacon, seen to the left, is on the ground after it was removed from the lantern and the new beacon had already been installed at the top of the tower. The cupola, or roof, of the lantern, which was previously removed off the lantern so that the old rotating beacon could be removed and the new one installed, is also seen resting on the ground before being replaced.
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