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Don Bishop explains the “story behind the story” of this photo, taken near Thanksgiving in 1950. The man in the photo is Don’s fellow crewman Bill Skelton, holding what was to have been their Thanksgiving dinner. “We had a old .22 rifle and it had been shot so much the bore was almost smooth. One day I saw a goose bobbing in the waves about 40 yards away. I knew it was too far for ‘old smoothie,’ but what the heck. I held about a foot over his head and let fly. Well, he dropped and we had to start lowering our boat to get him before the tide took him to sea. We got that old goose, and I took pictures and bragged about how good a shot I was. We made a stuffing and couldn’t wait to throw him in the oven. We sat talking and thinking about how good our Thanksgiving dinner was going to taste. The old bird was starting to smell. We had been cooking it for a couple of hours now and I could just see the roast in my mind. I opened the oven, took the lid off the pan, and was greeted with the most horrible dead fish smell you can ever think of. With Bill Skelton’s laughter in the background, I threw the pan and all overboard.” If you look closely at the bill on the bird, you’ll see it’s not a goose, but one of the varieties of waterfowl that dive well underwater to catch large quantities of fish.
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Deep Water Shoal, A Forgotten Light of the James River
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