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Lighthouses on Quarters!

Only You Can Make It Happen!


We have been writing about it for the past several months, but yet none of the individual 50 states of the United States have taken any immediate action on what will appear on the reverse of the new "States Quarters." However, you our readers can have a say on what will apear on the quarters.

Here are the facts-the United States government is changing all quarters. Currently a bust of George Washington appears on the front of each quarter. This will not change. However, the flip side of the quarter which now features an eagle will change. Under the new law each state will be allowed to pick what it wants to appear on the reverse side of the quarter.

The decision will most likely be made by each state's legislature. If you want a lighthouse on a quarter, you must write to your individual state congressmen. Do not write to your federal representatives in Washington, but to your state representatives in your state capital.

Some arbitrary suggestions for the lighthouse to appear on a states individual quarter would be:

Cape Hatteras Lighthouses for North Carolina's quarter

Boston Lighthouse for Massachusetts's quarter

West Quoddy Head Light for Maine's quarter

Thomas Point Lighthouse for Maryland's quarter

Sandy Hook Lighthouse for New Jersey's quarter

Presque Isle Lighthouse for Michigan's quarter

Isles of Shoals Lighthouse for New Hampshire's quarter

Southeast Light for Rhode Island's quarter

Biloxi Lighthouse for Mississippi quarter

Grosse Point Lighthouse for Illinois quarter

Thirty Mile Point Lighthouse for New York's quarter

Lorain Lighthouse for Ohio's quarter

Cana Island Lighthouse for Wisconsin's quarter

The list could go on and on. Pick a lighthouse and start a petition and letter writing movement to get it on your state's quarter. Only you can make a difference. Whatever design wins for an individual state will be based solely on which group works the hardest for their design. Lighthouse buffs can work just as hard as anybody else. Remember, don't just pick a lighthouse because you like it. Pick a lighthouse in your state that you think can win over other suggestions that will be submitted. Think about historical significance, tourism, etc. It is more important to get a lighthouse design on your state's quarter. What does your lighthouse say about your community and state? Strength? Perserverance? Beauty?

How hard will you work for a lighthouse?

Write to us and let us know what you or your lighthouse group is doing.

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