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Cause Publications in Trouble

By Timothy Harrison


In case you have not heard this before, newspaper and magazine readership is rapidly declining in America more so than any other nation in the world.

Declining numbers are most evident in niche magazines, where in fact they should be increasing. By niche magazines, I mean publications that are slated to one cause such as bowling, knitting, stamp collecting, etc.

This is troubling from our publishing perspective and is just as troubling about what it says for the average American. When people lose interest in a niche or favorite cause or topic, it really means that they have no real interests at all, other than perhaps personal gratification interests, which does not speak well of us as a nation.

It took people with a passion and a belief in the lighthouse cause to bring the lighthouse preservation and interest in lighthouse history to new heights. But it appears the level of interest is dropping as a new generation with different attitudes is becoming more self absorbed than ever. And missions like ours, trying to promote lighthouse preservation and the saving of lighthouse history to tell the stories of yesteryear, may be in for the fight of our lives.

One way you can help make that difference is by giving gift subscriptions to Lighthouse Digest. Maybe you will be the reason that someone becomes interested in lighthouses and their history and preservation.

Gift subscriptions can be given to anyone, your neighbor, coworker, relatives young and old, your doctor, dentist, accountant, your local library or school, teachers and community leaders.

Help us make a difference by getting the word out about saving lighthouses and their history through gift subscriptions to Lighthouse Digest. We can't do it alone, we need your help in saving lighthouses and their history, one subscription at a time.

Timothy Harrison

Editor & Publisher

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