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A Perfect Night

By Josie Nicholas


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This is my story of my love for lighthouses and my

incredible son.

I can tell you the exact moment my love for the lighthouses began. I was 13 years old and read a book where the author described a Maine lighthouse and its beauty in such

detail, I thought I was there. Since then I have traveled to that lighthouse and many others.

I am much older now than 13 and still; every time I approach a lighthouse I get goose bumps. My son, Jason has always encouraged me to seek them out and loves the many photographs I bring home. Last year was my much dreaded “50th” birthday. I was really taking this milestone hard, and absolutely dreading the day.

Jason decided to make it a day to remember for me. He made all the arrangements and paid for everything and sent me to experience spending the night in an actual lighthouse. He sent me to Big Bay Lighthouse in Upper Michigan on

the shore of Lake Superior. He also paid the way for my two sisters, Macrina and Louise so I could spend it with the people I love. It was a 12 hour road trip where we laughed and relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

As we approached the lighthouse the goose bumps appeared. A wonderful brick lighthouse in the middle of trees and beautiful forestry on the shore of the mysterious Lake Superior. We met the other guests who all had lighthouse stories to share.

That night was the eve of my “50th” birthday. At midnight my two sisters and I climbed the steps to the top of the tower. It was September 16, 2005. A full moon glistened in the total blackness of the sky. The tree tops were outlined below us. There was a freighter lit up out in the distance. You could hear the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below. A perfect night. We popped open a bottle of champagne and as I turned 50 I was standing on top of a lighthouse drinking champagne and sharing stories and laughter with my sisters.

I slept well that night and the memory of my “50th” birthday always brings a smile. Thank you, Jason.

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