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Sylvan Lake Lighthouse To Be Demolished


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By Timothy Harrison

Alberta, Canada’s Sylvan Lake Lighthouse will be demolished over the winter months and the iconic symbol of Sylvan Lake will be lost forever. The lighthouse, which appears on the logo of the Sylvan Lake Chamber of Commerce and numerous marketing items for the area, was built in 1988 to commemorate Sylvan Lake’s 75th Anniversary. Although the lighthouse is barely 25 years old, apparently no one ever bothered to do any regular maintenance to the photogenic lighthouse that overlooks the local marina. It has now been condemned. The sign on door says No Trespassing.

Local reports say the lighthouse needs to come down as part of the community’s development plans for a larger marina and new condominiums. However, some locals would like to see the lighthouse restored, or at least see another lighthouse built in its place. The Town Council officials have stated that the lighthouse is in such bad shape that it cannot be restored, however, they are open to the idea of building a replacement lighthouse. But, if that happens, the town needs to have partnerships to help with the funding of construction.

However some people are questioning why the current lighthouse was never properly maintained. Once local said, “If the town couldn’t provide regular maintenance for the old lighthouse, what makes us believe they would maintain a new lighthouse?”

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