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PBS-TV's Legendary Lighthouses Debuts

By Timothy Harrison


Later in the Month:

TLC-TV's Haunted Lighthouses

October 1998 may well be one of the most important months in the modern era of American lighthouses.

I am saying this because this is the month that the major production of the PBS-TV six hour mini series, Legendary Lighthouses will be shown on nationwide television.

There are a large number of community lighthouse preservation groups across the country and several national organizations and of course Lighthouse Digest, all striving to draw more public awareness to lighthouses. However, none of them can draw the national attention as will this magnificent six hour mini-series to air on nearly every PBS-TV station in the United States. Millions of people are expected to tune in to this historic television event nearly every Monday night over a seven week period.

People are always asking for ways in which they can help to get more people interested in lighthouses. Now, thanks to PBS-TV we have a simple answer. Tell everyone you know to watch PBS-TV this October. After all, everyone watches television. And, after watching this fantastic series we feel confident that thousands of people will get more involved in lighthouses preservation in one way or another. The first show airs on Monday, October 5 at 8pm, (est), but be sure to check your local guide in case your local affiliate decides to show it at a different time. This is the case in Atlanta, where it will air at 9pm instead of 8pm, and in Chicago, where instead of Monday nights, it will air on Friday nights at 9pm.

Also, if you have cable, the TLC Television Network (The Learning Channel) will air its production of Haunted Lighthouses which will air on October 25 at 10pm and again on Halloween night, October 31 at 7pm. (Again check your local guide for your area)

Send a letter or post card

What else can you do? Another simple answer - Write to your local PBS-TV station and tell them how much you enjoyed Legendary Lighthouses, that you would like to see more programs about lighthouses on PBS. And then, after Haunted Lighthouses airs, do the same thing with TLC.

Remember, you can make a difference.

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