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Name: Badgeley Island Range Front Light  

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Nearest Town or City:
Killarney, Ontario, Canada

Location: South side of the island, at the eastern entrance to the North Channel, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron.

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Photo: Canadian Coast Guard
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This tower and dwelling were demolished by dynamite in 1981. The rear range light was a skeleton tower with an enclosed lantern room at the top.

Tower Height: 36

Height of Focal Plane: 39

Description of Tower: Lantern rising from the roof of a white, square wooden dwelling.

This light is not operational

Date Established: 1912

Date Deactivated: ?

Current Use: Destroyed.

Keepers: Patrick Proulx (1912-1916), David Mountnay (1919), Frank Fowler (1921-1937), Frank Sinclair (1938-1945), Ferdinand Solomon (1946-1950), Frank Sinclair (1950), Lauly Beaucach (Beaucage ?) (1981),W. Beaucage (?)


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