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Name: Mohawk Island Light  

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Also known as: Gull Island Light

Nearest Town or City:
Lowbanks, Ontario, Canada

Location: Lake Erie, south side of Mohawk Island.

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Photo: Mike Gora
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Managing Organization:
Mohawk Lighthouse Preservation Association

Telephone: 905-774-2590


In 1932 the keeper and his son were trapped in ice while trying to leave the station; the light was automated the following year. After a fire in the 1970s, it was abandoned and fell into severe disrepair. The Mohawk Lighthouse Preservation Association is working to restore the site.

Description of Tower: Conical limestone tower; lantern has been removed.

This light is not operational

Other Buildings?
Ruins of keeper's dwelling.

Date Established: 1848

Date Deactivated: 1969

Date Automated: 1933

Current Use: Abandoned.

Open To Public? No.

Accessible by boat only. The island is a national wildlife area and public access is not allowed during the breeding season. A distant view is possible from the end of Pyle Road in Lowbanks. Occasional airboat tours are available -- see

Keepers: John Burgess (1848-?), Richard Foster (c. 1932)


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